Potrero Chico Airport Shuttle

Potrero Chico Airport Shuttle

We offer an airport shuttle service, the cost is $50 USD  for up to 4 people. We’ll even stop at La Mexicana so you can pick up some groceries.  If your group is larger than 4 let us know and we can make special arrangements.

The cost is the same as taking a taxi from the Monterrey airport but we know where you’re going (they don’t).

El Salto Airport Shuttle

We also offer a shuttle service to El Salto. The cost is $100 USD up to 4 people. We know exactly where the climbers camping areas are so you won’t have any worries.

Send us a message with your flight info and we’ll send you an email confirming the pickup/dropoff time.

Airpirt Shuttle

Contact Us

255 Antiguo Camino a Potrero Chico, Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 65600
USA 512-576-3224 Mexico 81 1275 5251

2 Replies to “Potrero Chico Airport Shuttle”

  1. Awesome shuttle service! Rudy was great and answering all my emails in a timely manner and was prompt in picking my climbing parter and I up from the airport. Great price too. Rudy knew exactly where he was going and even when I didn’t have the exact location of my accommodations, he knew the area so well he found it from my limited descriptions. I would highly recommend this service and would definitely use them again for future trips. Thanks Rudy!

  2. We flew in to the Monterrey airport for the first time and must say I’m thankful Rudy picked us up and took us to Hidalgo. Neither of us had been there before, so his navigation knowledge and ability to speak Spanish well was super helpful. Awesome guy!

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