Clean Up Potrero Chico

Clean Up Potrero Chico


Clean up Potrero Chico
Clean up Potrero Chico

Escalada Sustentable and Potrero Chico Climbing Guides organized a clean up in Potrero Chico. This was part of a larger campaign put on by Acceso PanAm called Clean Our Mountains. Clean ups were happening all over North and South America during the week of Sept. 15th -23rd.

Escalada Sustentable is  a new local association dedicated to minimizing the impact the climbers (everyone really) have on the environment.

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With the combined efforts of Escalada Sustentable and Potrero Chico Climbing Guides over 150 volunteers showed up on Sept. 23rd to help clean up Potrero Chico. Students from the local school UANL Preparatoria 18 by far had the largest presence, a large group from Citibanamex and other local organizations such as HidalGo (a local group of hikers) helped clean up Potrero Chico by picking up over half a ton of garbage.

Help From The Locals

The local hotels and campgrounds helped with the clean up as well. They donated bags, gloves, water and helped pick up and haul off the garbage.

Clean Up potrero Chico

Climbing In Potrero Chico For The Volunteers

El Buho put up top ropes and let the volunteers climb. For many of them this was their first time climbing. El Buho is a local coffee shop but they are much more than that. Their goal is to bridge the gap between the locals and the climbers. You can usually find a bunch of climbers hanging out there on rainy days and after Tuesday market.

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