El Potrero Chico Climbing

El Potrero Chico Climbing

Potrero Chico climbing is truly a unique experience. The climbing here gives you an opportunity to climb multipitch sport routes as high as 23 pitches, You don’t need your trad gear but we do suggest a few alpine draws and a PAS like the Metolius PAS or a daisy chain. Maybe a harness with some padding as well like the Black Diamond Big Gun, it features 2 belay loops. The climbing season is between October and March. Weather in Potrero Chico can change fast so you should have gear and clothes for temps as low as 32°F and highs around 90°F but the average high is around 62°F.

Potrero Chico Camping

Homeros Ranch

Now you have several options for camping in Potrero Chico. Homeros is the first choice of course. Camping at Homeros Ranch puts you right in the middle of it all. Homeros Ranch​ was the first campground, has history and is very popular with the climbers. At the end of the day after multipitch climbing you will find several people standing under the palapa with dirty faces talking about the days victories and defeats. They have wifi and private rooms.


Homero y Luly

Homeros Ranch Facebook Page

Rancho Sendero

Another choice is Rancho Sendero. They offer a more relaxed environment. Their campground is one of the newest in Potrero Chico but is quickly becoming very popular. They have wifi and private rooms as well.

Rancho Sendero Facebook Page​

If you have trouble getting a response we can help. We are able to answer any questions and help with the reservations. We also have a Potrero Chico airport shuttle so you won’t have any problems finding the campgrounds.

Cueva De Jabali

Another new addition is the house and campgrounds called Cueva De Jabali. They have a two room house and a small campground area with wifi. They are smaller than the other campgrounds and offer a little more privacy. Contact us directly for reservations.


USA 512-576-3224
Mexico 81 1275 5251


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  1. Hola queridos climbers:

    Soy karen de Ecuador, estoy planificando ir a potrero con mi novio los primers dias de Noviembre. Yo tengo un poco de experiencia escalando multipitch pero él no y nos gustaría tomar una clase de multipitch con ustedes.

    Se puede comprar libros de guía de las rutas que hay alla?
    Con cuanto tiempo de anticipacion me recomiendan reservar un area de camping?
    Alguna recomendacion más?

    Muchas gracias.

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