Potrero Chico Accommodations

Potrero Chico House Rentals

While staying here in Potrero Chico you have many options to choose from.  You can camp at one of the hotels/hostels, or if you are looking for something more private you can rent a room or a house (casita). Either way we can answer any questions to help you decide.

There are several casitas to choose from, as well as private rooms. All the rooms and casitas are a short walk to the climbing areas. Tell us what your needs are such as wifi or laundry service, how many people are coming, the dates and we can tell you what is available. Feel free to call or you can send us a message.


USA 512-576-3224
Mexico 81 1275 5251

  • Homeros Ranch
  • Rancho El Sendero
  • Le Muria
  • El Dorado
  • Casa Temo
  • Leo’s Hostel
  • Casa Gustavo
  • Casa De Los Weros
  • Casa San Jose
  • Casa Cisneros
  • Quinta Santa Barbara
  • Mi Pueblito

Cueva De Jabali

A new addition is the house and campgrounds called Cueva De Jabali. They have a two room house and a small campground area with wifi. They are smaller than the other campgrounds and offer a little more privacy. Contact us directly for reservations.


USA 512-576-3224
Mexico 81 1275 5251



The casitas vary in size and amenities and cost $40-$100 a night. Some offer discounts for extended stays.

Private rooms cost $40-$60 a night and are a good option for those coming for short stays.

Camping is always fun and several places have hot showers, communal kitchen space (with utensils) and wifi the cost range from $2-$5 a night.

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No matter where you stay you’ll have an awesome view of The Potrero with a 5-10 minute walk to the climbing areas.