Bus To Potrero Chico

Bus To Potrero Chico
Central De Autobuses

The Hidalgo bus station is closed and Mina Bus Lines is no longer operational. Read below for the new beta.

The only option I am aware of now is taking the Greyhound to the station in Escobedo and and then cathcing the Ruta to Hidalgo/Mina, it’s the number 53 and 170 buses. Take a left out of the Greyhound station and cross under the footbridge to catch it.

Bus To Potrero Chico

ALERT: After trying to verify the schedule I was told that this route is no longer operating either.

Taking the bus to Potrero Chico is probably the least expensive way to get here. My first trip to Potrero Chico was on the bus. It’s a safe fun experience.  A good option is to fly to a city in Texas and then take the bus to Monterrey,  you can buy a ticket  that takes you directly to the central bus  station (“Central De Autobuses”)  in Monterrey. You will most likely have to transfer to a different bus at the border but this is no different than a layover with a flight.

Arriving From the United States (The New Beta)

When you get to the central bus station in Monterrey go outside and walk to the northwest corner to find find the bus terminal called “Transpais“. It’s in a separate building. The bus is called Hidalgo-Mina  and cost 30pesos, ask to be dropped off in la plaza de Hidalgo, They drop you off at the town square which is basically across the street from the closed bus station. From there you walk or take a taxi up the hill. It takes about an hour to walk to the canyon.

Bus To Potrero Chico
Transpais Central Monterrey

Arriving From The Monterrey Airport

When you exit the arrival area go to the Autobuses del Norte kiosk. You want the “un boleto hasta el central de autobuses” it cost 85 pesos. The bus runs every hour and drops you off at the central station where you can catch the bus mentioned above to get to Potrero Chico.

Maybe you find this a little complicated and you want a shuttle ride?

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